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McKenzie Method

The McKenzie method is a complete system of mechanical diagnosis and treatment for patients with spinal problems.

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The McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT) Method is an internationally recognized Method for the evaluation and treatment of spinal pain and limb pain. Its philosophy is based on the active involvement and training of the patient, through the proper guidance of the therapist.

An evaluation process that includes 2 parts: one is taking a detailed medical history of the patient's symptoms and their behavior. The other is the physical examination, where the patient performs repetitive movements or holds prolonged positions.

Finally, the physiotherapist classifies the patient according to 3 specific syndromes or, if the damage is of non-mechanical etiology (chronic pain, serious diseases, etc.), the therapist classifies the patient under the "Other" syndrome category.

In fact, the MDT method constitutes a holistic approach based on scientifically solid principles which, when fully understood and applied correctly, are very successful.
Application in intervertebral disc problems.