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Thermal Shock Therapy

Thermal shock significantly reduces the recovery time and allows for the immediate recovery of the full range of motion.

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This is a therapeutic device with 2 main characteristics: hyperthermia, with the capability of inducing endogenous heat with a consequent rapid increase of the local temperature; and cryotherapy, adjustable down to -4 °C, with the capability of absorbing heat, even in the deepest tissue layers.

The most important and widely used way to treat pain and inflammation. It is based on Péltier technology with two main features: hyperthermia for heat production and transcutaneous cryotherapy for heat absorption & temperature reduction even in the deepest tissue layers.

  • muscle injuries
  • tendon disorders
  • bone & joint dysfunctions
  • bursitis
  • joint stiffness
  • sprains and bruises
  • During the acute and post-traumatic stage: it has immediate analgesic action, immediate anti-edematous and anti-hemorrhagic action (cryotherapy). In the sub-acute stage, it acts quickly and provides immediate results, including: reduction of inflammation, rejection of toxins, and immediate tissue regeneration.
  • Before and after treatments, to restore range of motion in joints, it is used in combination with mobilization (manual therapy).