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We provide personalized kinesiotherapy programs according to the problems and needs of each patient.

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Personalized kinesiotherapy programs depending on the problem of each patient and the phase they are currently at. While we do offer general treatment protocols, they are adapted to each patient's needs and executed uniquely.

  • Reduction of pain and symptoms through targeted kinesiotherapy.
  • Enhanced functionality and functional Qi.
  • Increased metabolism.
  • Increased strength.
  • Increased endurance.
  • Increased elasticity.
  • Increased susceptibility, improved reflexes.
  • Increased positivity in thinking and feeling that the patient is more active and energetic.
  • Orthopedic conditions/diseases (lower back pain, sciatica, cervical spine syndrome, shoulder periarthritis, fractures, arthroplasty surgeries).
  • Rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, SLE, etc.
  • Sports injuries: tendinitis, sprains (muscles and tendons), ligament injuries, meniscus, anterior and posterior cruciate ligament surgery.
  • Passive movement (done by the physiotherapist or the patient after the therapist's indication and proper training) Goals: increase of R.O.M., improved blood flow in the joint and increase of muscles and ligaments elasticity.
  • Active movement: the patient perform the movement on his/her own to the pain limit.
  • Assisted movement (performed with the help of the physiotherapist, the patient himself/herself or with the help of various mechanical means).
  • Proprioceptive and coordination exercises (performed in various positions or with the help of a balance disc).
  • Stretching, increase of R.O.M, muscle elasticity, elimination of metabolic products, better nutrition, improved motion explosiveness, injury prevention, rapid rehabilitation and recovery.

The comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology are essential tools in the hands of the physiotherapist for the implementation of each individual treatment and rehabilitation program.