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Curriculum vitae

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Bletsas Alexandros - Owner
Curriculum vitae

He graduated from the Athens University of Applied Sciences’ Physiotherapy Department. He worked at the Rehabilitation Medical Center of Physiatrist K. Papadimitriou from 1994 to 1998, when he established his own physiotherapy center. Physiotherapy has been a part of all ancient cultures across the centuries and still is to this day, accompanied by modern scientific and technological means and, as always, the experienced hands of physiotherapists, all of which are necessary and valuable elements of physiotherapy.

His goals:

The goals that guide his professional advancement is to eliminate patients’ pain, discomfort and dysfunction; to provide relief, relaxation and hope for a quicker recovery. His love and efforts to help his patients prompted him to attend several postgraduate seminars.

Seminars and continuous education:
Specialised Trigger Point Pressures. Ηands-on physical therapy, p.c.
Immediate and improved function of the muscles and joints after ischemic pressure in specific parts of the muscle.
Neural Mobilization
Seminar on nerve mobilization.
Maitland Mobilization
Gentle manipulations of the vertebrae in order to reduce pain and stiffness of the lumbar spine.
Seminar on Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture)
with Mr. Panagiotidis Dimitrios (Physiotherapist-Acupuncturist from Germany).
Abdominal acupuncture
with professor ZHI YUN BO from China (treating the whole body from the abdomen).
Modern cranioacupuncture
with Yamamoto
Aesthetic facial acupuncture with Dr Radha Thambirajah
Acupuncture is an energy treatment which provides analgesia and better function for all musculoskeletal disorders. It strengthens body and mind and offers relaxation, wellness and improves the patient's overall mood.
(Peritoneal therapy)
Su jok
quick and effective reflex therapy of the hand and upper extremity.
Seminars on body movement
Additional seminars on body movement
Seminars on body reading
for all body types
Additional seminars on
Respiratory control, stress control and directed physical and mental relaxation.
Writing activity:
The role of the quadriceps after removal of the patella.
A calm patient is more easily healed.

Meet the rest of the team

Our physiotherapy team consists of highly proficient and specialized personnel, with great experience and a deep love and respect for their work.

Arvanitis Phivos
Arvanitis Phivos


Graduate of the Thessalias University of Applied Sciences' Physiotherapy Department.

Georgia Galanopoulou
Georgia Galanopoulou


Graduate of the Athens University of Applied Sciences' Physiotherapy Department.

Belsis Menis
Belsis Menis


Graduate of the University of Patras Applied Sciences Physiotherapy Department.

Panagiotis Sourtzis
Panagiotis Sourtzis


Graduate of the University of Patras Applied Sciences Physiotherapy Department.