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At home treatment

Our rehabilitation center can provide physiotherapy treatments at home to patients unable to visit our center, in areas close to Athens.

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  • Post-operative rehabilitation in hip and knee arthroplasties
  • Fractures

                    Bed exercises

                    Exercises from a sitting position

                    Exercises from a standing position

                    Gait and balance training

                    Information to relatives/caretakers regarding the overall care needs of the patient

                    Prohibited body movements and positions per case for patient protection

  • Orthopedic diseases/disorders (Cervical syndrome, lumbar pain, shoulder tendinopathy (tendinitis), onset osteoarthritis of the knees and hip.
  • Neurological diseases/disorders (stroke-hemiplegia, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis etc.)

ΣIn orthopedic cases, sports injuries, accidents that require the application of physical modalities, we provide:

  • Therapeutic ultrasound.
  • Electrotherapy (TENS, interferential therapy for analgesia and anti-inflammatory action).
  • Specialized electric currents for muscle strengthening after surgery and muscle atrophy.
  • To double your energy.
  • Exercises the lungs and respiratory muscles.
  • Prevention of infections and other side effects following long- or short-term bed confinement.

Our services are provided according to the doctors' instructions with responsibility, professionalism and our best intentions to help you gain back your health and autonomy!